March 17th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Al Mcgoy

Location: just outside of Cookstown Ontario Canada

Date: 03/17/05 eastern stnd. 12:00am -3:00am

Approach Direction: from north west

Departure Direction: north east

Witness Direction: north

Description: On several different occasions, most non- overcast nights in fact, there is an object in the sky quite near a major set of power lines next to my house. The object at first appears to be a bright star that seems to twinkle, soon it changes colour -red to green to yellow. it darts erratically around and moves from west to east slowly. On one occasion I have seen green lights break off and move away from the object that slowly fade out. When I look with binoculars there seems to be a black smoke-like substance around the object when it moves eratically. This object can be seen often -who can one contact about these sightings??


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