March 25th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Orangeville, Ontario

Date: 03/25/05 10:20 pm

Approach Direction: north-east sky

Departure Direction: present, then vanished

Witness Direction: north east

Description: On Friday March 25, 2005, my husband and I were sitting in our friend's living room when she suddenly yelled "Oh my god, what are those lights?" My husband and I jumped up to look out of the window which faces north east, to see two bright lights in the sky. The lights were too low to be airplanes or stars and appeared above the apartment building two blocks away. They were solid white lights with the brightness of lights that are used on an airport runway (almost like strobe lights). They were significantly above the building to not be a part of it and appeared quite large...to me they looked like they were the size comparable to a street light up close. They were in a diagonal formation. They changed position two to three times and then they vanished after approximately 5 seconds. All three of us saw them. When we talked about it, my friend indicated that the lights had presented themselves in approximately three other formations prior to my husband & I seeing them. They had apparently been together, then apart and then in a diagonal. She indicated that they did not appear to move into position, but rather just changed. Beyond the building about two kms away is a reservoir.

The next night, I was telling some mutual friends the story. One of them, who is a very level-headed woman, said "well that's really strange"and asked what time we saw the lights. She then related something she had seen around 10pm the same night. She lives about 3kms out of town to the west and about 4 kms away from where we were. She said that she was looking out of her window to the west and saw a bright, round, white light that was near the ground. Since she is in the country, there are lots of snowmobilers, so she initially thought that is what it was. The light, however was extremely bright and was in a location where snowmobiles never go because it's in a section of the field that houses hydro lines. It also is apparently very wet there and she said it would definately been too wet for snowmobiles. Regardless, she went to get her glasses to go outside and take a better look, but the light was gone when she got back to the window.

It was an extremely clear night with an almost full moon.


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