April 11th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Just outside of cookstown ontario canada. specifically along high tension power lines that run alongside but quite west of highway #27

Date: 04/11/05 11:00pm eastern standard time

Approach Direction: north east

Departure Direction: south east

Witness Direction: east

Description: There have been frequent sightings in my area by myself and others visiting. The sightings have always been at night and of an object or objects fairly far away. they are always bright flashing lights -red to green to orange. The objects move eratically around and sort of float. we all wonder if they are some kind of satellite or weather watching device?? All research I have done so far does not turn up any satellite that has red green and orange flashing lights.

These power lines run alongside highway #27 but quite far west of it they run all the way from niagra falls to thunder bay I think. Anyone who travels to this area can witness the flashing lights (most clear nights) along the described power lines. Throughout the night the lights seem to migrate from north west to south east along the lines. I would welcome anyone who can explain them! I'm fearful to report these lights to anyone and I wouldn't know who to report such a thing to anyway.

Two nights ago I was watching t.v. and not even looking out the window when red flashing lights caught my eye. There was a helicopter flying around near the power lines and back and forth over a wooded area beside my house, they circled and cirlced (there is a military base very near by -Base Borden) after flying deathly close to my roof, the whole house shook and my sleeping son woke up afraid, eventually they left. At this time the bright flashing light was present and very low to the ground, maybe 500 feet? I turned my t.v. back on and tried to watch. Maybe 10 minutes later a bright red light caught my eye again, this was not a helicopter but something I've never seen before. The light was bouncing and darting right above the trees like a ball bouncing on the ground. It stayed for maybe 4 minutes then bounced away over the trees to the south. I have now been watching the sky more closely -did anyone else see this??


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