April 21st 2005

Scarborough, Ontario Unknown White Object

Date: April 21, 2005
Time: 10:20 a.m.

Hi Brian,

I want to bring to your attention of two different sightings on the same day at work in Scarborough, Ontario accompanied with photographic evidence. On April 21,2005 at work, I was on break admiring the beautiful clear sky at 10:20 am. Facing to the southeast and cutting off the sun's rays with our building. I again noticed visible objects with the naked eye very high in the sky (3-5000 feet + or -). They were traveling from the northeast to the southwest towards Toronto,/ Lake Ontario's direction.

Again, like the Jan.27,2005 report sent to you with pictures you posted, they were also in intervals from 30 seconds to over a minute, flying one at a time. The speed I would guess at 200-300 MPH +. I observed this with, binoculars and snapped 5 pictures, instead of running for witnesses. So again, please find attached, a picture of a brilliant white spherical object, that in "no" doubt, can be a bug or bird. That is not the exciting part, here's the kicker of awe. Later at lunch, outside talking to a co-worker at approx.12:20 pm, I observed from 90 degrees facing west, a larger round white object hanging in the sky.

The distance from our position would be half a mile away, at a altitude between 2-3000 feet-a guess. I tried to point it to the co-worker, and once again not wearing her glass, she could not see the object. As I watched the object for 1-2 minutes, than ran inside work to get my camera for a beauty of a close shot. I had to delete two last two pictures of the five snaps taken earlier. I took no more than 1 and a half mins to return outside to photograph this closer bigger object, the object was gone or cloaked out? One detail also to note, this object had a slight "light" field outside circled craft, while it hovered. So I had lost 2 pictures of the earlier sighting, but caught one of the remaining three pictures taken. The picture is a great companion of proof, to add to these two report sightings. The object is in the upper, center of the picture, just zoom. Not a bird,but an object.

Thank you very much to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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