May 8th & May 12th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Sault Ste. Marie ONTARIO Canada

Date: May 08 2005 and, May 12 2005

Approach Direction: First from north then south

Departure Direction: firts south, then west

Witness Direction: east the first time, south the second time

Description: the first sighting, i was out side with my dogs, girlfriend. I always look at the stars but this one seemed different. then i noticed it was moving it looked just like a star but it wasn't a bright light very high in the sky, it headed south but the went up, out in to space!. the second time i was with my girlfriend we were walkin to a mac's mart on queen in the east end. there is a sewage plant , i was sayin how much it stunk when we looked over at it we saw the light again but this time it was lower and closer. the light started to move toward us but kept its distance. it looked like eyes, that would explain it best like a light with a bar i the middle, the bottom of the light was a different colour. it came toward us the moved around the city heading west. it was moving really fast it went for the east end to like downtown in a matter of seconds.


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