June 20th 2005

Northern Scarborough, Ontario Single Round White Object

Date: June 20, 2005
Time: 12:25 p.m.

On June 20,2005 at 12:25 p.m. over Northern Scarborough, Ontario. At work, on lunch, I watched a single round white object, moving from the northwest, very slowly at about 3-5000 feet would be a guess. This object observed with the naked eye had a slight light field around it. From arm's length, to the thumb, no bigger than a pea. The object was moving very slowly over the sky at about 2-3 miles north away from my position. After again in awe, viewing the object for two minutes in the rich blue sky.

This would be the time to take some pictures. So snapping 10 pictures in about 5-8 minutes as using the building as a marker, I became very excited of capturing this closer white object, with it's projecting light field around this object. After exhausting the camera of the last 10 high resolution snaps, I continued to view this very slow, weird moving object. While almost 15 minutes into this, a courier was parked in front of the dock. So I asked the gentleman."Do you want to see a UFO sir", why he asked,"do you see one". I replied right over there as he got out of his van. I focused back on the object, after no more than 30 seconds, gone!!!!

Do I feel stupid, because the witness never saw this object? Absolutely not, because of the 10 pictures that I had taken of this white noticeable object. The man must of thought I was nuts, because at that point, I could not even point it out to him. I know though, I had my pictures as proof and the excitement to download them on the computer. Here comes the real awe, Brian. After viewing each of the 10 pictures, there was indeed no object photographed in any of the 10 pictures. How can you take 10 pictures directly at an object, using the building as a marker and come up empty. To tell you the truth, I am more in "shock", that there is no object filmed in any of the photographs, than that of the actual sighting itself. Now, I'm shaking my head, why did the object not come out on any of the photographs?? I am very curious, what is the explanation of this.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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