Coles Island, New Brunswick

June 25th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Coles Island, New Brunswick, Canada (near Fredericton)

Date: 06/25/2005

Approach Direction: north-west

Departure Direction: north-west

Witness Direction: north

Description: Saw a really bright White colored light over the lake one night while afew friends and I were camping. We all joked about it being a UFO but we soon realized that we couldn't hear any sounds...it was a clear night and we were on the beach so we all got a little nervous....thinking we should atleast be hearing an engine noise or somthing. After we had observed the object for about 5 minutes the light slowly faded out until it disappeared. It was heading north-westish traveling really really slowly and it looked to be huge.

Color/Shape: just a round white light is all i could really tell

Height & Speed: Like i stated earlier, it appeared to be moving pretty slowly, as for height i'd have to say atleast 3000-4000 feet above the water. But i couldn't say for sure

TV/Radio/Press: no...there were 6 of us camping at the lake, we told our parents about it but they just laughed at us


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