July 16th 2005

Spring Lake, Alberta Orb With Different Colors

Date: July 16, 2005
Time: 23:00-00:00?

Message: Saturday July 16th 23:00-00:00? Canada Alberta, Spring Lake (formerly Edmonton Beach) about an hour out of Edmonton.

We had the fire going, my father in law (ex-military), mom in law, wife and myself. It was windy and the nimbostratus cloud covering was low but in the distance to the west we could see clear sky and the tree-line. The sun was still setting and would of been beautiful if not for that blanket above us, still we could see the red light on top of the tower in Wabamun and the beautiful Alberta peach colored sky.

My wife has an eye for UFOs, she as usual said "what is that over there"? At first I thought for sure it was Venus or Sirius. It looked like a planet and even my father in law agreed and said it was a planet or star. I figured it was a planet, due to the sun would of been hitting it directly and would explain the magnitude of this thing. It might of been moving from south to north slowly as we didn't notice.

But than after 3-5 minutes we all noticed this thing was lower and slowly moving north. The whole sighting was about 10 minutes, or it seemed that way. My wife ran in and grabbed the binoculars and we all got a glance at this thing. It was one orb with colors going from red, orange, yellow and white. We all agree it was orange red, yellow, well we agree on those colors. It would head north in a straight line. Than drop altitude stop. than hover north again and drop altitude again than we lost it in the tree-line.

My mother in law stayed there with bionics in hand, waiting for it to come back up out of the tree-line but to no avail.

I asked my father in law if he could identify it being in the forces and he said "no". I was so happy there were 4 witnesses to this.

This isn't our first report to this site and I by the way things are going all around the planet I don't think it will be our last.

Watching the skies as always,

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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