July 23rd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: The periphery of mountain ranges around Kamloops Lake

Date: July 23, 2005, shortly after 5 PM

Approach Direction: From Chapter's Viewpoint, I observed the object following the mountain range to the left.

Departure Direction: After following the range to the left, it proceeded to drift over the mountain range, following the direction of the river. It was soon obscured by distance.

Witness Direction: Facing Kamloops Lake.

Description: At approximately quarter-after-five, I was having a bite to eat at one of the Chapter Viewpoint pic-nic tables with a friend. He observed an unusual object slowly moving along the mountain range to the left of Kamloops Lake. It may have been a helicopter, but I did not hear any sound from it. It also looked unusually featureless. From what I could see it was a strange spherical white object. We watched as it followed the mountain range, and then it drifted over the range and out of sight, following the river exiting Kamloops lake.

It may very well have been a conventional aircraft, but I could not identify what it was. It was moving too slowly for a dirigible aircraft but too quickly for an airplane. It appeared to be considerably larger than a helicopter, given the distance. I may phone the airport tomorrow and ask them if there was anything recorded in their air-traffic logs. If there were other sightings I would like to know please.

Color/Shape: Spherical, and white. Quite large given the percieved distance of the object. Perhaps as large as 30 meters in diameter.

Height & Speed: I estimate anywhere between 100 to 300 feet above the mountain range. It appeared to be moving more slowly than an airplane yet faster than a blimp or a hot-air balloon.

TV/Radio/Press: I have not yet heard anything about the incident on television or from other media.


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