July 24th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Grey county Ontario Canada

Date: july 24th 2005

Approach Direction: towards

Departure Direction: northeast to east direction

Witness Direction: north

Description: triangle of flashing lights blue white red with the red and blue lights rotating positions the white blikig but stayed in the same spot. the object came from behind treeline to left(west) flew above lower treeline to the right east in a strange manner. looked like plae lights but was flying as if it were losing control.

Color/Shape: 3 bright flashing lights

Height & Speed: erratic up down motions while cotinuing to move from left to right down wards

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Q. - How long were you able to observe the object for ?

A. - 20-30 secounds

Q. - What were the weather conditions like at the time of the sighting ?

A. - Clear skies full moon bright for night time

Q. - Also the time this event took place ?

A. - 2:00 -3:00 am

Q. - Did the lights stay the same distance a part from one another for the entire sighting ? If not could you explain the best you can what you saw ?

A. - The lights stayed at an even distance apart, the top stayed white while the other two (red and blue) were rotary.

Q. - How far away do you believe the object was from your location ?

A. - 100 feet to 1 mile?

Q. - Also how low would you estimate the object was in altitude ?

A. - It started higher in the sky and headed downward on a angle almost like a plane losing control. 20 -30 seconds maybe

Q. - Was any sound heard coming from it ?

A. - None

Last thing, could you please add as much detail to your report as possible. Everything you can think of is very helpful.

It was early Sunday morning 2:00 - 3:00 a.m. approx. I was going to the bath room and all the lights in the house were out. As I was about to enter the bathroom, I dodged a piece of furniture. Then to my right out the window I saw what appeared to be a flying bright light. At first I was panicked, then thought it might be an out of control plane. But there were to many jerky movements. Like wobbling slightly, titled and moving on a downward angle.

As I watched, and called for my friend, it went out of sight behind the trees close to the house. He came out and supposedly said something moved fast in an "N" shape. Then we both watched a very bright star in the same area, as where I originally saw the object start from. It was in the north sky not to high in the sky and looked very shaky and shimmering with different colors. This object to me could have been a star, but I am not quite sure but the one I had witnessed myself as it did in fact move and go out of my sight. The object we both witnessed was stationary except for the odd shaky look. There is the Meaford Army Base to the north east, not known if they test aircraft there?

Thanks for the reply!

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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