August 1st 2005

Location: newly built subdivision off of southdale road in London, Ontario, Canada

Date: 08/01/2005/ 10:15p.m. local time

Approach Direction: The object seemed to be moving westward at first, but later changed to eastwards

Departure Direction: seemed to just suddenly be there

Witness Direction: me and my 15 year old son were both facing south, towards southdale road

Description: me and my son were taking a walk because of the beautiful weather. our house is located on birchwood drive in a newly built area. We headed towards the the future housing area (under construction) onto a dirt road, surrounded by the houses in the community, when all the sudden we saw a red "glow" in the sky, behind what seemed like the only clouds in the sky on the clear day. we first assumed that it was lightning, because we could not see it as it was behind a couple of houses, but as we walked further, we realized that the light was still there, so we decided to turnwestward to go home, when we noticed that the light was following us. It did not seem to be coming closer or going farther from us, but just going beside us at the same distance.

Color/Shape: it was a glowing red, and we could not determine the shape as it was behind the clouds, but one interesting thing was that it was behind the only visible clouds in the sky and seemed to be pulling the clouds with it.

Height & Speed: height: around 100 ft. speed: around 60 km/h.

TV/Radio/Press: The sighting has not been reported yet, from what i know of.


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