UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Cherry Beach, Toronto, Ontario

August 5th 2005

Bright Light Witnessed and Filmed Over Lake Ontario

Here another sighting aided by a photo taken August 5th, 2005

While jogging along Cherry Beach in Toronto on Friday I had stopped and relaxed having some water and fruit.

Looking to the south of Lake Ontario I noticed a bright yellowish -orange light some miles out there.

Having my camera on hand I thought to capture the moment seen by the naked eye. Taking only one picture at 7:37pm.

The photo also reveals a object above this bright unknown light just to the left side.

This would be the first time witnessing this type of sighting on or above Lake Ontario

I watched it for over twenty minutes and then moved on to getting home.

There has been many sighting over Lake Ontario HERE.

I suppose this confirms just another one witnessed that day in the early evening...

Paul Shishis

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Original photo

Original photo with enlarged inset

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