August 9th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: westmount, montreal, canada

Date: 8/9/05 (august 9 2005) around 10 p.m

Approach Direction: north to south

Departure Direction: south

Witness Direction: south

Description: My friend and i were in the park in westmount laying down on the field, we were able to see the lights of the city, as well as many stars although the clouds were kind of low and it was veru foggy out becuase it was a really hot day. As i was laying down i saw in the clouds and halo around a light, then it flickered a couple of times and turned into an orangish color. it resembled a pumpkin. there were three white lights at the top of the round disk. the angle of the disc alternated showing differnt angles. when on its side it was a disk with a dome on top of it. the object started flickering and spazzing into an L shape. going back and fourth. finally it went away behind a cloud but a couple of minutes later we saw a white object flying around the disc. it was moving very roughly but very fast. faster than any airplanes, let alone the fact that both object were well above the airplane flying zone. minutes later both objects completly vanished. we were two witnesses. when we got home, we both drew what we had seen that night and compared drawings. they were identical. the funny thing is during the sighting it was completly silent. i hadnt even relized my phone rang. i had 2 missed call and my phone was on my lap, on loud.

Color/Shape: white and orange lights. completly silent out. it was a dome like thing with white lights, it resembled windows on top of a disk/plate. the white object later on resembled somthing flying.

Height & Speed: above the clouds. im not sure of the exact speed but much faster than anything ive ever seen in the sky.

TV/Radio/Press: none


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