August 13th/14th 2005

St. John New Brunswick Large Orange Ball

Date: August 13/14, 2005
Time: 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Message: I was not going to tell anyone. Myself and a friend saw something that could not be explain. There is a big Red Ball in the sky. It looked like a harvest Moon it moved across the sky then it stopped. went straight up, straight over, straight down, than it shrunk half it size. My friend was almost to her house and I yelled at her. Told her to look up it was over her head she described it looked like a Frisbee. Then it shrunk into a star and then it was gone. This was the 12 or the 13th of August nobody has reported this to the paper or the radio in my area. I live St. John New Brunswick Canada. I was doubtful about UFOs but there is absolutely no way to explain this. And if my neighbor had not seen it I would have never said a word. I would like to know if anybody seen anything like this before. Thanking you.

Additional Information:

I will do the best I can. I am pretty sure it was August 13 around 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on 14th. My neighbor was going home so I went out to lock my truck. As she was walking to her house I seen what I thought was the moon. I thought to myself it is awful late at night for bright orange moon. Then it started moving across the sky it was to the East.

So I yelled to my neighbor to look up. She looked back toward me and did not see nothing. She started to walk home again I yelled at her again this time she stared back down the driveway. She got about halfway down my driveway that's when I told her look up. When she look up she could not believe what she was seen it looked like it was directly over her. As we watched it, it shrunk into a star. It was a clear night with just a few clouds not around the object that's how come I couldn't tell how high it was. I could not hear a thing. We watched his thing which seemed like forever but if I had to guess I would say anywhere between two to five minutes.

There is an airport East of me but no plane or helicopter or glider or balloon couldn't move like this. Or shrink into a star at fast that quiet and that cool. There is a military base 60 to 80 miles to the North. But this is can Canada, are military couldn't have anything that moves like that. Last year I had some IQ test and other tests, one test was for commonsense. My score I was in the top 90% of the population for commonsense. If I had any reason to think this could be anything other than some from another world I would never tell anybody.

It was just like I was watching a movie with unbelievable effects that makes you believe the is movie real. I am 100% sure no one on this planet could make or fly in that kind of pattern. In these tests I had done they did find I had hard time remembering facts when I study. So I hope what I do remember helps you. The first time I wrote I said it was red but when you said Orange, that made more sense because I thought it was a harvest Moon which is orange. But I think it was a bright orange sorry that my memory is not that good. That is something I will remember all my life and hope someday to have a chance again.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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