August 28th 2005

Cochrane, Alberta A Very Unusual Object Witness By 5 People

Date: August 28, 2005 ?
Time: Approx: 5:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Morphing.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, I was sitting on my front porch, reading when the doorbell rang, my girlfriend and daughter answered the door as it was a friend up the block with her daughter. I could hear the four of them talking when the visiting lady friend suddenly pointed for everyone to look at a spot about a block half away, asking "what is that"?! The four of them stood looking for several seconds at something my girlfriend has a very hard time describing. She said it was massive, and soundless as she pointed out the spot to myself outside. The size approximately a quarter held at arms length, making it extremely large indeed considering only a block half away. The shape, impossible to described. It was in two parts, part above larger than the bottom piece, both grey-shark skin or stone/granite colored. Any light reflecting off it was absorbed by these objects making it impossible to focus on them properly. At the same time distinctly there and solid, later my girlfriend passionately explained she felt cheated not being able to really see something so big and close, even though she had her glasses on.

The second smaller object trailing underneath (shadowing the object perfectly) started to change shape, the right end of it dropped downward looking as if turning to liquid, pouring downward seemingly "dripping" off the edge of an invisible plate, and then lower down taking form as if in an invisible odd shaped glass. I hope this description doesn't confuse anything, so hard to describe (sigh) Where is Spielberg when you need him!! The bottom thing looked as if it were three huge balls undulating, rolling around inside a grey colored sack. Fuzzy texture, not smooth and reflective. The top object retained its shape all the time while the bottom object spun around, flipped and morphed all the while shadowing the above object, it wasn't attached but still stayed with it in total precision (like magnetically attracted and repulsed). Impossible to totally focus on them.

Now, strangely, the visiting neighbor woman and her child looked away from it, and inexplicably continuing with the conversation as if nothing happened, my girlfriend thought it odd as she was still inadvertently staying with the object till it moved slowly disappeared behind the side of the house. Maybe 10 -15 seconds approx: until she called me to see it. I heard her say "it isn't a helicopter".

I stood up off the chair and quickly scanned over the neighborhood and found it!, I saw it, although now it was much smaller, telling me later it had moved away and to the right from the four of them, it was now directly in front of me and at the end of the street, could only be described as a large black blob of something with another blob below it rotating and moving, twisting. Eerie to say the least. Creeped out beyond belief. I ran into the house going for the video camera. Coming back out I noticed it bigger and coming towards me, I lifted the camera and tried to get it to record but it wouldn't work! I'd hit the record button, instead of the usual one (bleep) and record, I got two beeps and nothing. Later inspection a setting on it had been changed and I didn't know it existed. Using it over two years now I had to hold the button down and didn't know it, that setting had never changed before. So I'd hit the record button and let go, and it wouldn't record. I needed now to hold it down stupidly. This instantly frustrated me and for some reason I got scared. Thinking why after two years of using this, isn't it working?! I'd re-cued the tape, checked it over knowing valuable seconds of filming time were ticking away. Nothing worked. Meanwhile looking up it still was coming towards and over me and to the right, gaining altitude.

Thinking about it later, while fumbling with the camera not working I had this instant urge to not look at it, crazily feeling if the camera wasn't working I shouldn't look at it with the zoom, crazy as sounds, hard to describe, I wasn't thinking that at that moment in my brain but I was acting it out physically, not looking, only later realizing that was what I was thinking and why? why didn't I look at it through the viewfinder close up? I could have seen it so close. I could have cried Brian, still kicking myself and out of my character. I was concentrating so hard on trying to get the camera going and can't understand why I didn't zoom in on it to have a peek, even if the camera wouldn't work. Thinking several days later it felt at the time like either "it", or some primitive "hard-wired-brain response-type thing was in control. Sounds crazy but, I've experienced that in past sightings but never to this degree.

Maybe 10 km fast, direction of flight started towards them and to the right slowly. Then quickly away from us as I looked at it, continuing to the right, as I tried to film it, it went slowly towards me and up and to the right,high into the sky but still very visible and disappearing over the roof of the neighbors house. My girlfriend and daughter went out back to see it but couldn't. Later looking at the camera I noticed a small button that had switched for the first time to the manual record mode. Too much and a chance of a lifetime and the button got moved. In two years of using this camera the record mode had never been moved. Murphy's Law to the extreme. The daughter is only 8 so we didn't bring it up to her. She will bring it up in her own time when ready we hope. The only thing she said was, "could have that been aliens? and, "it had red sparkles on it". Not knowing what to say to her, I explained it must have been a bunch of balloons. Hope somebody else saw this. My wrist is sore from typing now I hope it's all for something.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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