September 10th-14th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Cumberland, BC, Canada

Date: 09/10/2005 10:00 approx, 09/11/2005 8:30

Approach Direction: West, both times- from Comox Lake

Departure Direction: East, both times

Witness Direction: On house deck, facing North, watched object from West to East

Description: First sighting, Sept 10, 10:00 pm- See odd light in sky, coming at a good pace- odd because the light is steady and fairly bright- absolutely no blinking lights like an aircraft or "blinking" like a star or meteor. A very "calm" light. Much brighter than a satellite, of which we saw a few of that night. Object continued in a very straight path, possibly slowing above us, but that could be a trick of the viewpoint (looking straight up). Continued East in same manner, very straight, faded out with a red colour. Also absolutely NO noise from object.

Second sighting, Sept 11, 8:30 pm- Go out on deck, within minutes see the EXACT same object- same light, same speed, same direction, no noise. Above cloud cover- could see the light fading through the clouds. Airport weather says ceiling at 13000, so it was above that. Watched it go to the East until view obscured by foliage.

Will watch again tomorrow.

Color/Shape: VERY steady bright light, on the yellowish side of white. Larger than a plane light.

Height & Speed: 13000 ft, under 1 min to cross the sky from West to East

TV/Radio/Press: No reports

Follow-up information from Brian Vike

Hi Brian,

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. Well, subsequently, I was going to check the next day, as I told you. This would be the 12th. I was doing English homework until 8:45, and then I went out on the deck with my wife (she was there the other two times as well and witness it too). We sat for approx. 4-5 mins and then I saw the light again. It was approaching on exactly exact the same route (West to East) although I would have to say the whole route was a bit more southernly. All descriptions are the same as last times, so I think a can safely say it was the same object. There was slight patchy cloud- the object would fade as it passed above. This time, however, it seemed to be at a higher altitude- I say this because the light was slightly smaller I size and it was moving a bit slower. As it was continuing to where the foliage would obscure the view, I told my wife I was going to the front of the house to the road to look. I watched the object continue to the East until obscured by cloud- this may explain the first sighting's "red shift"- going behind cloud.

I know what your'e thinking- three times in a row- not too much unusual- probably something explainable, right? The plot thickens...

Last night (13th)- around 3:00 am- my wife and I are both awake- she cannot sleep and I had been awake for fifteen min or so. I suggested we take in some fresh air and do some star-watching, it might make us sleepy. We go out on the deck- at this time I am honestly not expecting to see anything. There is very light patchy clouds to the North, but otherwise clear. At about five minutes I notice something odd about the star at the arm of the constellation Cepheus (Northerly direction). What grabbed my attention is that I thought I maybe saw it move slightly- so I fixed my gaze on it for about 20 seconds and during this time I could not figure out wether it was moving or not. Then, very slowly, it did start to move up! I told my wife to look quickly- we both witnessed this light increase its speed (slowly, mind you) and move out of sight behind a small cloud. We were waiting for it to continue it's trajectory to come out from behind the cloud, but it never did. The light can be described as the same that we have seen for the past three days- this was more like yesterday's in that is was smaller and went slower. What really weirds me out about these experiences is not the lights themselves, but the fact that we don't go out on our deck that much- it's being renovated. Yet every time we've been outside in the last four days, it's been around five minutes that we've been out there that we have seen the lights. Anyways, there's the scoop- it's cloudy today, but I'll still keep an eye out tonight- who knows...


[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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