September 11th 2005

Canadian Forces Base Comox, B.C. Unknown Object Observed

Date: September 11, 2005
Time: 5:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular or ovalish.

UFO or Orb over Canadian Forces Base Comox
September 11/2005

At approximately 5:30 PM, I was observing some cloud manipulations in the sky over the military base. My eyes wandered over to a hole which was forming in a set of clouds and noticed a small white-ish object, or the light made it appear white. It certainly looked brighter than the surrounding clouds which themselves were rippled with electromagnetic waves.

At first I figured it was a plane, but it wasn't long before I realized it was spherical in nature and had no wings. It came right out of a hole in the cloud. I quickly grabbed my camera which I had nearby and tried to bring the object into my lens field..but I couldn't see it through the lens. So I pointed the camera in the direction of where I had seen the object and snapped a photo anyway, hoping to catch it.

I then lowered the camera back down and looked for the object with the naked eye but it was no longer visible to me. This entire event unfolded in the span of about 15 seconds. The object had vanished although I didn't see it leave.

I uploaded the photo and spent about a half hour or so attempting to find the object on my computer. I was almost ready to give up and toss the photo into the recycle bin. It's a good thing I didn't because I managed to spot the orb. It was so far away it appeared as a tiny dot in the photo.

I reversed the image and tried solarizing it. The object was easier to make out after that but still not the best so I saturated the contrast a bit and zoomed in...so it isn't very clear, yet you can still make out an unmistakable object. I could see that the object was on the earth-side of the clouds, and would have to be behind the clouds to be a star, moon, satellite, or a planet of any kind.

This seems to me, a lot like the one which was caught on video tape in Port Alberni and ran on the news a few weeks ago just down island from me. It has been suggested that these UFO's or Orbs appear in areas where the woodpecker or HARRP grid are being tuned-up. Apparently these objects sometimes appear at locations of grid intersect. Interestingly, there was a lot of electroscalar magnetic activity going on overhead at the time.

The Comox Valley area is seeing a literal epidemic of chemtrail spraying, magnetic waves and odd shaped clouds. Sometimes I can sit and watch them fiddle and move the clouds around before my very eyes.

I have the photo if you'd like me to send it to you!

Thank you to the witness for the report and photo.

Additional Information:

The object came out of a hole in the clouds, from what appeared to be the east, and it moved toward the west a short distance before slightly slowing down and turning a little bit to the left (northerly). From my vantage point, the object decided to go toward the cloud it was next to. In other words, as soon as it came out of the hole, it went north a bit. That's when I scrambled for my camera which was nearby. I had to stop looking at the object to get the camera. What happened in those few seconds, I don't know for sure, but judging from where it first came out of the hole to where it was located after viewing the image on the computer, it had not gone far during the time I was getting the camera and positioning it to get the shot.

I would say it had become almost stationary for a few seconds. The movement seemed fairly straight and normal at first. The object was moving forward, towards my direction, but then slowed and I reiterate that it seemed to saunter a little bit northerly. It wasn't the movement of a plane at all. It was the sudden turn which got my attention in the first place. Something clicked in my mind and I knew it was not a plane.

I couldn't see it when I tried to find it with the camera. So I just pointed the camera in the direction I had seen it and snapped a photo in hopes of inadvertently catching the image. The object appeared almost directly over the military runway which is near the oceans' edge and there was no obvious sound. There were no other aircraft flying in the area that I could hear. I am a very well-tuned aircraft observer due to having lived near the base for 18 years. I can identify planes and jets just by their sound, without even seeing them. There was no sound coming from this object. No sound!

I do not recall there having been much wind, but I could be wrong about that. I don't think it could have been very windy, because I usually take notice of that.

Residual sunlight may have been reflecting off the front of the object because it was late in the afternoon and the sun would have been west of the object at the time. It did appear to have a brightness about it that stood out from the lightness of the clouds. It contrasted very clearly with the naked eye, but the actual photo doesn't do it justice. I didn't see any flashing at all.

I can say that the object did take on an increased brightness after it made its full appearance. It was as if someone had shone some sunlight at it. It could have been the sun shining on it or the increased brightness could also have come from the object itself. I simply can't be sure about that. I can't even be sure if the sun was behind the mountains or not as it would be behind my house and beyond the trees which are all around me. It was broad daylight though.

I don't know of any other witnesses. This is not to say there aren't any others who saw it. There could be. My daughter was just inside the house when it happened. It happened and was over so fast that I was too wrapped up in getting the photo for fear of missing it to have been able to summon my daughter to witness it with me. If I would have taken those precious seconds out to summon her, I would have missed getting the photo. It was gone within seconds. I just knew I had to get a photo. My daughter helped me search the image for the object and was surprised to see it was real.

I would say that the time that lapsed from the moment I saw it come out of the hole in the clouds and the time I turned around to get my camera on the chair was about ten seconds. It took another 10 seconds (maybe) to search again for it so I could take a photo. I immediately realized I couldn't see it and was wasting time looking for it because it was so hard to see in the first place. Rather than waste precious time looking for it again, I decided to just hold the camera up, pointing in the direction I had seen it, and snap the photo. I wasn't hopeful that I had captured anything.

After I snapped the photo I tried to search for it and couldn't find the object again. It was either inside the cloud or gone. I don't know which. There was no activity in the way of planes before or after I saw the object. In fact, it was a relatively slow day for planes.

I saw another objects in the picture to the right of the main object. You can see it if you really strain to look at the original shot. In fact, it almost looks as if there are multiple smaller similarly shaped objects that seem to form an arc shape to the upper right, not far from the main object.

You really have to play with the image to see them. I hope you can see the others in there. I focus on the main one because it was the only thing I saw with my eye. The other smaller ones only show up in the photo and were not readily obvious to me when I was seeing the primary object.

Image of UFO or Orb over Canadian Forces Base Comox
Image of UFO or Orb over Canadian Forces Base Comox
Image of UFO or Orb over Canadian Forces Base Comox

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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