September 11th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia Canada

Date: Sunday, September 11
Sun Rivers Golf Course - Kamloops, BC
12th Hole - Around 11AM

Approach Direction: Object flew from the North to South very quickly.

Departure Direction: Object departed to the South.

Witness Direction: Witnesses were facing South.

Description: Object flew from the North to South very quickly. As our group finished putting out on the 12th hole and were walking back to our powercarts, three of the four members in our group observed a huge but faint shadow flash across the putting green in the same direction we were walking back to the carts. Just before we observed this, myself and one other member of the group could hear a whooshing sound and then the shadow flashed across the green. I had the sensation of something almost brushing the top of my head and remember feeling an almost electrical force in the air - hair on arms standing up, chilled etc. We agreed that we had the sensation that the object buzzed down upon us. It also seemed to have a flashy image on the green - not constant. As soon as this occured we looked up and there was nothing to be seen - no planes, helicopters, birds, golf course sprinklers on etc. Very strange!!!

Color/Shape: Large, translucent? that left a very faint - not dark shadow.

Height & Speed: Speed was very fast


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