September 16th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Scarborough Ontario Canada

Date: Saturday September 16, 2005 approx 10 pm EST

Approach Direction: north east / north west

Departure Direction: north east or north west hard to tell because of the zig zag, then out of sight

Witness Direction: north

Description: Sighting 1:

While watching TV, first, my daughter, 15, noticed orange glowing object in the north through the balcony widows. We're on the fifth floor. There is a hydro field between our apartment and the 401, about one mile north. That area is quite dark. You can see the light towers of the 401 as the only major light when looking north. Yu cannot see any car lights from our vantage point. It appears to zig-zag across the sky, then take off from her vantage. It appeared the object was within this range, and possibly only a few hundred feet off the ground. We noticed her expressions, somewhat puzzled, and we asked her what was going on, she said "nothing".

Sighting 2:

Then, within a few minutes, my wife yells out, "did you see that". She described what she saw, then my daughter said she just saw that a few minutes prior. My wife noticed the orange lights had a "trail" like when waving a sparkler.

In both cases, a quick glimpse of the orange lights zig-zagging and then whipping out of view.

We kept looking for about aother hour, but nothing appeared.

Color/Shape: orange lights
zig-zag motion
"trail" similar to a sparkler when waved

Height & Speed: a few hundred feet. moving quite fast, especially when zoomed out of line of sight


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