September 19th 2005

Vernon, British Columbia An Orange-Pink Sphere

Date: September 19, 2005
Time: 11:00 p.m.

Night sky, cloudy, breezy

Hi Brian, Last night I saw two "shooting star's" enter the northwest sky. One star was bright white with a silver trail. It is the one I saw about an hour later that I want to report. The clouds were low to midrange last night and the full moon was behind me enhancing the clouds in the west sky.

Under the low western cloud cover, heading into the west, I saw appear with the trail already behind a orange-pink sphere fully intact with an aura of yellow. This was surrounded with the white light leading to the trail. There was no smoke trail.

The distance from me was with in twenty kilometers, the color of the sphere was like Venus is when it sets, glowing pinks and oranges, and it's size was just a little bigger than Venus has been in the night sky. It's trail was yellow and white. The sphere was whole and intact at the front.

It then disappeared. It's angle of descent was about twenty degrees above the mountains and it was moving toward the ground. It's direction was indirectly toward Kamloops. I have been able to coincide some sightings of shooting stars to the orbs that fly over so I stayed outside last night to watch if any orbs appeared but there was nothing more after the colorful shooting star.

Thank you to the eyewitness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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