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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

September 21st 2005 : Sudbury, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: sudbury, ontario (Canada)

Date: 09/21/2005 just about 6:30pm

Approach Direction: North

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: East

Description: I was coming home from an orthadontist appointment down ramsey lake road from the direction of Science North. By a stroke of luck, the back seats were full of junk and i sat shotgun, which is unusual because i sat behind the drivers seat so long i'm just used to it.

As we were going down the road i noticed a bright light approaching the edge of the shore, coming from just over the lake. I looked at it funny because it was very unusual, the hospital would have been directly the opposite direction it was heading but the helicopter is always going somewhere and never travels this slow, low and this did not have the standard blinking lights. This was my first ufo that i'd seen, one of a good at least 2 and i was very curious and watched it patiently to make sure of what i was seeing. As i watched it, i noticed the spotlight under it was moving. The day was clear, not a SINGLE cloud in the sky and it wasnt dark enough yet to see all the stars, but i could see venus and some larger stars. The spotlight was soo intensly bright that you could see it through the air for probably the first 70 feet. The beam was aimed at the road and stayed there as it approached being directly over the road a little ways past. it was looking at the cars and the way it moved around and did not stay stationary, something was definately moving it. As it just passed the road it moved the light quickly over to the building near the road. it was definately not robotic, or perhaps joysticked or something, it was very not stationary and constantly moving, kind of how a helicopter would look for a criminal. It aimed at the walls of a building that i believe is a library or something with laurentian university.

As it moved the light around the walls of the building it continued to travel inn the same seemingly due south direction. After passing the building it must have sped up a bit as it seemed to cover more distance, but it was not dramatic. After passing the building the beam was pointed straight down and as of now, i was roughly 150m away plus its altitude. Suddenly a ball of light dropped from the craft and fell until 30feet from the craft where it seemed to go out, without any sign of debris, two others followed in perfect succesion of about half a second (if anything different, it would have been less) with the exact same dissappearing act. the lights were yellow and seemed perfectly incandescent in appearance compared to the white-beamed spotlite. At this point in time it was heading in the same direction at a slow pass(still) when the building it was looking at blocked my view. I wasn't able to see it after that, it could have still been there or left in a flash i really can't say. The whole time it was there it didn't make a sound. My mom saw it also but was more focued on driving most of the time. It wasn't exactly sundown, the perfect boundry when the stars just begin to come out yet there was no light in the sky really, so the craft itself was pretty invisible, especially with the intense spotlight. it was difficult to make out a dark, relatively flat object, appeared to be maybe an eyewith eyelids proportion, the sort of oval shape, probably rounded edges, very small in size also. the spotlight diameter coming out of the bottom was probably 1/3 (or more)its total length, but still very hard to tell. I probably watched it for nearly a minute, perhpas longer.

I'm fairly sure of the date, but i figured i would make this report once i found out the probable exact date from my orthadontist.

Color/Shape: Appeared to be a dark Disc roughly 10 feet in diameter with a single splotlight-like white/blue tinged beam

Height & Speed: 200-250 feet, 2-5 mph(well below walking speed) then a probable change to around 7-10mph

TV/Radio/Press: CBC radio, two days after I saw it, my mother told me that her friend she works with heard news about ufo's in sudbury the day before (day after i saw the ufo) on the cbc radio. they wanted people to call in with information, and i'm sure i got probably one of the best views of it, but i didn't feel like it, for being possibly ridiculed even though i may have been able to remain anonymous.


Witness interview courtesy by Brian Vike:

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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up interview.]