September 25th 2005


McBride Fire In The Sky

Date: September 25, 2005
Time: approx 1:30 - 1:45 A.M.
Location: McBride, BC Canada

A gentleman called me last night to relay a frightening experience he had while travelling home from Calgary to Smithers on Sunday night.

He was approximately half an hour out of McBride (Highway 16 east) when the sky on his left side flashed a bright blue, pink, orange and green. The flashes lasted 10 to 15 seconds (per colour) with the colours blending into one another. Square kilometers of the sky had been lit up.

He grabbed his video camera and began filming.

Upon reaching McBride he discovered that the power had gone out. An emergency light appeared to be glowing inside a builing he figured was a school. The town was completely desolate without another vehicle or person around.

It would be another 2 hours before he would meet up with another vehicle. He was very, very scared. This was the first time he ever experienced such a phenomena.

At home when he viewed his video camera he discovered that the flashes never appeared on film. The film was only black.

He says he had the radio on and that there was no interference and that there weren't any sounds coming from outside either.

Thank you to the witness.

Witness is known to me and is considered completely reliable.

>> Listen to video camera recording and partial phone call

[UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell and NWSURC for granting permission to use this report.]


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