British Columbia

October 5th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Vernon BC, Commanage Road area about 3 minutes after passing the tree farm.

Date: October 5th around 8 pm

Approach Direction: there were 3 red lights directly in front of us (my friend and I) slightly above the road.

Departure Direction: It moved around the slight bend in the road to the left, but it was strange because it did not rotate as car lights would, it just stayed as 3 lights side by side.

Witness Direction: Me and my friend were both facing forward in the driver and passenger seat of the car, facing directly in front of us, as i was driving keeping an eye out for deer.

Description: My friend and I were driving past the tree farm, when we both said at the same time, "look at those weird lights". Directly ahead, around 20 meters down the road, there were 3 very bright red lights, The first thing i thought of was car tail-lights, but they were too high above the ground, as my friend pointed out. We observed them for about 15 seconds, when they passed around a slight bend in the road to our left, the lights did not change direction, as fading tail-lights would, they seemed to pass around the bend. at the bend, the road drops, but the lights did not decend, but remained at the same height. I sped up slightly so as to see what kind of car this was, rounded the bend and there was no vehicles at all. The road is straight, with no turn offs, and you are able to see vehicles for almost a few kilometers at this point. There was just no where for it to have gone, that quickly, we were only a couple of seconds behind the lights. Both my friend and I became frightened at this point, because of the reality of the situation. There was just no where the vehicle could have gone . steep shoulder, fenced, on the left and steep drop on the right, with fields all around. There were just no more lights. i continued on to my friends home, turning at the bottom of the road, right onto Okangan Landing. We didnt see anything else after this.

Color/Shape: 3 extremely bright red lights. simliar colour to car tail-lights but much brighter and larger. Slightly in a pyramid shape. Did not see anything except the lights.

Height & Speed: The height when we approached was about 1/2 meter off the road, as it rounded the corner, the height would have been at least 2-3 meters off the road surface, as we checked when passing, using the fencing and height of the left shoulder to judge.


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