Cote-st-luc, Montreal, Quebec

October 11th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Montreal Quebec, Cote-st-luc.

Date: October 11th 2005 at 11:07 pm

Approach Direction: none

Departure Direction: none

Witness Direction: Straight ahead

Description: Here I am, as I have finished my hockey practice. I went to take a shortcut with my bag, and my stick through the woods near the train tracks. I saw from a distance a blue glow at the end of the woods. In fact it was very close to the train tracks, but I'd say about 20 meters away from the path I was taking to cut through. Anyways, as I got closer and closer, increasing my fear because I did not know what the hell was going on, I realized that the glow was fading. At this point I remember very well that I stoped. And I stayed there for about a good thirty seconds not advancing. It came to my mind that I have already walked half the way might as well just run in scare - And so I did. While I was running, I clearly distinguished that there were quite some shapes moving but since I was running and there was a blue glow, I could not determine to see what it really was nor was I too curious..

What is very weird about what hapened to me is that this was in autumn, and there were dead leaves everywhere. I came back the next afternoon with four of my friends and at the spot of the sighting there was a pretty big circle of a diameter of about maybe 7.5 meters. Even weirder, there were no leaves recovering it at all.

PS: The night of the sighting I advised the local police to go check but as they called me back they confirmed nothing was sighted, although 2 other people complained to the police that that night there was a bright light that was causing disturbance.


Color/Shape: There wasn't any color except a large blue glow - from what I could have seen anyways.

Height & Speed: None

TV/Radio/Press: Local Radio. Police.


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