Burnaby, British Columbia

October 18th 2005

Burnaby, British Columbia A Blinking Circle Of Lights

Date: October 18, 2005
Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Kingsway and Royal Oak area.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Blinking circle of lights.

Full Description of event/sighting: While I was walking home, down the busy highway of Kingsway, after picking up a shake at the local Denny's, I saw a circle of blinking lights as I turned into the quiet, residential street that I live on. The street goes downhill towards wooded Oakland drive.

I became aware of the lights mainly because, they would go around in a circle and then briefly join in the middle, and then dart outwards again for another round. A plane even moved silently past the strange configuration of lights.

This kind of a dance of lights, under a layer of cloud, kept following me as I walked downhill. They seemed to pause over the road outside of my home. I was too happy to get inside my home and call it a day. I am still not looking outside.

I have no history of psych disorders , and I could not see any other beams or strobes of light in the sky which could have been a possible source. I am a bit puzzled.

UFOs mean zilch to me and I am not interested. Until tonight I suppose. Perhaps, there will be some logical explanation for this. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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