UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Durham, Ontario

October 29th 2005

Unknown Bright Light Witnessed and Filmed Over Durham, Ontario

Hi John

I thought to share a UFO sighting back October 29, 2005

Wow – almost eleven years ago !

While outside on my deck in Oshawa, Ontario I noticed a strange bright light.

As I watched it for about a minute. I then ran in the house and grabbed my first digital camera.

I do remember taking many shots and watched it move ever so slow for over half an hour.

Watched it directly west over western Whitby/Ajax. Heading from south to north very slowly.

I am missing many photos of this light anomaly that were taken, though happy to have found these four pictures along with two enhancements.

It is interesting in examining these photos there appears to be a red/pink nucleus.

Special thanks to Serge for picture enhancements for better illustration.

Paul Shishis

Photos taken at 5:35pm







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