Scarborough, Ontario

November 24th 2005

Scarborough, Ontario Another Unknown White Object

Date: November 24,2005
Time: 9:30 a.m.

Hi Brian, hope your keeping well, and enjoying. I have another two sightings to report to you today, on Thursday, November 24,2005. I just rolled in to work at 9:30am, in Scarborough (very bad snow squalls). I got out of my car and observed a large plane, not a jet, flying overhead southeast towards Lake Ontario. While watching for a moment at the plane, I noticed a white object, lower about 1500-2000 feet moving across the sky from north to south. This object was on a straight flight path, and moving very quickly (100-200 MPH) would be a guess. As I stood in the parking lot alone, again shaking my head. I watched it for about 30 seconds against the rich blue sky. The strange goes further, as about 10:30am, while outside talking with a Courier. In conversation, of the earlier sighting. Suddenly, the dock, roll up door opens and then closes, without any reason. This door is on a sensor to pick up vehicles that back in to unload. So even the courier asks, "what caused the door to go up"?

This person is also a witness to two of my sightings on, Sept.21, 2004 and Sept. 23, 2005 at around the same time in the morning. So we both laughed about it, and move on, back to work. Here comes the kicker in this Brian, as the strange is not yet over. At about 3:25 pm, facing south, slightly west, at about 4-5 miles away. I witness a roundish, white colored object at about 5000 feet plus. Across the road, I call a truck driver over to witness this slow moving object. He confirms he can also see it after pointing it out to him. I begin to take pictures as he also continues to watch this unknown, slow moving white object. The background, was a rich blue sky, with the clouds rolling in from the west.

We watched it for about 5 minutes, until the clouds covered it up for further viewing. The driver tells me, you have good eyes, and shakes his head of what he had just witnessed. I asked him to report this sighting to our local sightings hot line. This gentleman was kind enough and not afraid to report this sighting as I passed the phone to him. He reported what he had just seen, then passed the phone back to me. I confirmed also, what I witnessed to the investigator. As of now, I'm starting to lose count of the witnesses confirming their sightings, that I point out and have them talk to the investigator. This goes on, after the driver left (10 mins). The clouds were moving fast and revealed this object again moving ever so slowly to the northwest. I retrieved two more witnesses within the workplace as these guys are repeat witnesses also. One is ok with it, the other seems a little scared. I have a picture to send to you of this white round object at 3:30pm. You will see it "under" the bird to the left, just above the top wire. Unfortunately, with the distance of the object, the results illustrates a small pea of light. It may be time to get a camera with higher pixels for better definition. Take care Brian and I will send more pics to you.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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