Bowmanville, Ontario

December 7th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bowmanville ontario

Date: 12/07/05 clear skys 7:10 pm

Approach Direction: in the west towrds the oshawa whitby boarder

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: West

Description: me and two of my friends were sittin in my truck in a sacluded construction sight the skys were clear and we could see for miles off in the distance we noticed a bright light glowing fairly low to the ground looked like it could have been mars as it was vary bright. that was not what concernd us at first as my friend pointed out just below it he saw somthing strange moving it was a small glowing orangish almost wite light the size of a star

i saw it and my friend beside me saw it as well it was moving slowly towards the lake and quickly did 3 big loops in the sky and stoped i noticed that there were more lights that were the same as that one and moved in almost like a patern in the same directon i kept my eye on one of them as it moved back and forth a few times it the stoped and turnd a dark red witch was vary hard to see i could still see it faintly in the sky as it lookd to move closer to us then it started to blink red and white lights like a plane

i then staeted to search for more and i could spot 4 more objects in the sky that were the same they did not move like a plane as they were smooth moving in all directions as if it were dancing the pbject then dissapeerd for a few minits. we noticed that the bright star in the sky was actualy flickering now getting brighter and dimmer and another object apeard below it. it started to move slowly towards the bright light in the sky and got really close to it and then just dissaperd. two more objects did the same thing. this was really freaking me out and my friends then all the sudden the bright light got dimmer and looked as if it was moving off towards the west then another light the same size as that one apeard and was following it.

me and my two witnesses saw this and watched it for a good 40 min it was somthing really butifull and scary at the same time.

Color/Shape: brite light, dim light, amber light, flashing lights

Height & Speed: at time they wouldnt move at all and som times it seemd to be moving 400 mph + 1000 ft in the sky


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