Terrace, British Columbia

December 17th 2005

Terrace, British Columbia Very Unusual Light Making Strange Maneuvers

Date: December 17, 2005
Time: Evening

A lady from Terrace, British Columbia called to file a report after she read an article in the Terrace Standard newspaper. The witness was thinking quick enough to grab a camera and took a photo of the object. (the witness is going to dig the photo up and will send it along to me) She said her camera wasn't the best, but what shows up in the picture is a ball of white colored light with a tail following behind it. Her impression of what this light was, was a spotlight moving through the night sky, and at one point the light sat stationary for a period of time. Then the object would "shoot" across the sky to another point over Terrace, and then return to it's original stationary spot in the sky. The object was in the sky for such a long period of time, the witness has time to run into the store and tell people to go outside to watch what was happening in the sky.

The lady also stated that when the object moved from one spot in the sky to another point, it moved from one location to another in a split second. Plus keep in mind, the object was traveling a good distance. Not a sound could be heard from the object. It was also at a good altitude according to the eyewitness.

She also mentioned that it appeared to look like a ball of light, then as it moved and zig zagged through the night sky, then a tail was noticeable. It also moved up and down at times.

Also, more than one witness to the strange event.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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