Scarborough, Ontario

December 21st 2005

Scarborough, Ontario Cross Shaped Object (Possible Abduction ?)

Date: December 21, 2005
Time: Approx: 4:45 p.m.

Hi Brian,it is quite obvious this is not going to stop, but spread.I have a story of a sighting and possible abduction at our workplace in Scarborough, facing west. It started Wed., December 21, 2005 at about 4:45 pm on the street, were I work. Outside parked was a co-worker's girlfriend. Sitting in the car, facing west. She had called him, inside work, on her cell phone from in the car. She reported seeing a strange object slightly southwest, not moving. I was nearby as he finished on the phone, about 30 seconds to her. He announced that his girlfriend," sees a strange object, not moving" !.

The co-woker (boyfriend), myself and another co-worker ran outside where she was, out on the street. We all looked up to the west and could see a couple of high flying jets with a short trail. The conditions of the sky, were blue as the sunset was taking place. I watch this fellow talking to his girlfriend, as she pointed to the west, to him. We all went back inside work and he said the object vanished when we came outside. He later told me that she saw a "cross" shaped object, not moving for a about 10-15 mins. I asked him to find out, the color of the object, she had witnessed. The next day he told me, she does not remember? I than told him to watch for marks on her body. He looked shocked and said,"last night", she showed him of some strange marks on her "left thigh". He described them as a purple-reddish, blotch, with a scratch line, running above the blotch horizontal. This fellow, is a previous witness, of a couple of sightings, that I have pointed out to him.

He and his girlfriend have also, witnessed strange objects together, outside work. He has also claimed to have "missing time "at work. He had noticed on break, back in Feb./05 while reading the paper. Drops of blood splashed on the paper. He thought he had a nose bleed, but was not the source. If you want to talk about confused, he was just that. I saw the red spots on the paper that he showed me. He looked concerned and frightened, of where the spots came from?. Is it possible that abduction is taking place at work and also with now, his girlfriend? I'm hoping to get a picture of the marks, if it is still on her leg. One thing is apparent, paranormal activity on the ground continues on. Take care Brian and will keep you updated as it happens.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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