Calgary, Alberta

December 25th 2005

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Date: 12.25/05

1600 - 1700 Local Time (-7 GMT)

Approach Direction: Hovering over southern part of city.

Departure Direction: Stationary - some slight westward movement shown on video.

Witness Direction: South.

Description: I was driving and saw a bright white light flickering high above the city so I stopped my car and started to videotape the object.

I have nearly 90 minutes of the daytime object and it indicates the shape changes and emits a bright white light with slightly greenish perimeters.

The object moves very very erratically and is clearly visible with the naked eye.

There are 4 witnesses apart from myself - 2 are on the video and 2 Calgary City Police officers also saw the object. They had stopped to see why my car was parked in the road.

Color/Shape: Very bright white with round shape for most of the sighting - but the light stretches like a banana and elongates at amazing speeds.

The 120 digital video footage shows an oblong object with slight pink and green hues around it's perimeter.

Height & Speed: Very very difficult to assess - the height is several kilometers and the speeds captured on tape are simply indescribable.

TV/Radio/Press: Yes - CTV has requested the footage and the police/media/military were all notified.


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