Chateauguay, Quebec

December 30th 2005

Chateauguay, Quebec Bright Object Has Objects Leaving it, and Coming Back

Date: December 2005
Time: Evening

HBCC UFO Research Note: I don't have the footage as of yet, it was sent but the clip was to large. So we are trying to figure out a way the witness can send it along to me.

Message: I managed to video tape with a mini dv camcorder about a minute and a half of a UFO sighting last night. A big light in the sky that changes colours white, amber, yellow, orange and red. It hovered for a few minutes in one place. It blinked the colours and little white stars or small chips or something would leave it and enter it. It eventually did some crazy maneuvers and took off quickly.

In any case, I have the video on my computer now as an MPEG file and would like to send it to you, how do I do that?

Additional Information:

I sent the video of Dec. 30 using my isp e mail as I am having trouble e mailing the clip due to its size I think. I trimmed a bit off the end hoping it makes it.

Basically I was up stairs changing the baby after her bath when I noticed the object hovering in the sky through her window. It remained stationary for a while, 5 minutes or so, then did some maneuvers and took off at high speed. It was white and little white lights would leave and enter it, about 5 of them, they would travel a bit perpendicular to the main object and then go back to it. the main object displayed colours ranging from red to yellow, amber. It occurred in Chateauguay, Quebec which is 15 minutes from downtown Montreal. If you need more info. please feel free to contact me via e mail and I will try to help out, however I don't want my name or email made public.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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