Late April/Early May 2005

Location: Southside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Saddleback Road.

Date: End of April to first week of May, early afternoon. Now I wish I had written down on the calender the date and time, hindsight sucks. But I know for sure it was on a scheduled day to bring my newborn to an appointment.

Approach Direction: objects hovered in the south west sky

Departure Direction: objects just disappeared

Witness Direction: I was walking with my 2 kids north on Saddleback Road.

Description: I had just gotten on the sidewalk and was going to the bus stop with my kids, one of them had a doctor's appt. I don't know why, but I felt compelled to look up, immediately I saw 15-25 hovering black objects, they were kind of small, they just hovered there, I held my gaze, without blinking. I thought my eyes could not be playing tricks on me, and I had better not blink. So I was able to view the objects for maybe 20-30 seconds, and then they all just disappeared together, all at the same time. Then I blinked and tried to find where they had all gone. I couldn't find them again.

Color/Shape: many, small black hovering objects, possibly oval or round in shape

Height & Speed: beneath clouds, no speed

TV/Radio/Press: not that I am aware of.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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