Pointe-Des-Cascades, Quebec

Late Summer 2005?

Pointe-Des-Cascades Quebec Flying Object Lands ?

Date: Late Summer (2005?)
Time: Approx: 6:30 pm

Hi Brian, I'm really glad you wrote back I didn't expect a response since I thought the site was more of a blog than anything else. It's ironic that I read your email just now as I have just finished watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel about Area 51. Very Interesting, it dealt more with cases being tried in court on behalf of former workers at the site. The workers were exposed to highly toxic chemicals while burning wreckage from crash test aircraft in the 60's and 70's such as U2 spy planes etc. Some of these workers died and their family was given no recognition or compensation for their spouses having died doing a government job.

Anyway back to the UFO incident I have a very rough picture of the original picture snapped with a digital camera just a few days ago. My sister is good friends not only with the witness who took the picture that I have seen but her boyfriend is also good friends with other 1st hand witnesses who were at the restaurant. I will try to get him to contact these people and see what they have to say. I got some more information on the incident and found out that the location of the restaurant is in Pointe-des-Cascades Qc. if I am not mistaken (it's called sunnies restaurant). Apparently there were people there with video cameras as well. I was trying to attach the picture of the picture that I have but I can't seem to find it on my computer at the moment which is ironically inconvenient but if you have msn messenger you can add this address and see a smaller version of it while chatting to me. Like I described in my previous correspondence the incident occurred around 6:30 pm in the late summer of this year hence the photo has the appearance of being taken during the sunset. Furthermore this is a pic of a pic hence it is fairly dark and the shape of the top of the shuttle on a flatbed it derisible but not much else. My sister's good friend who has the original pic says that the name of the flatbed company who towed it is visible in the picture hence perhaps you could inquire as to what the deal is with this situation through them once I get a hold of that info.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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