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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

2006 : Campbell River, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Campbell River, British Columbia

Date: 2006

Time: Night

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

In regards to your listed sighting by Neil, of Campbell River, BC, in 2002 I would like to mention that I myself saw an exact same phenomenon on a different occasion. It passed over where we were sitting outside around a campfire and 2 of us saw it, the third person had no glasses on and was quite alarmed since they could not focus enough to see it in the dark. I had noticed it first, passing overhead, like a shadow in the dark sky. It slowly came closer, as in coming downwards a little more with each pass until eventually it was passing right overhead at a height just peaking the treetops in the neighboring yard. In its final pass it was quite large and actually slowed right down overhead. We were so amazed by this point we were making quite a fuss. As it slowed and I got a really good look at it, I really can’t describe it any better than Neil did, he did an awesome job at that and until now I never knew exactly what to tell people I saw.

But in my remembrance of the event, it was the center of the object which stands out as the oddest. There were globes, as in balls of light. There was a circular pattern which was actually spinning balls moving so quick they seemed like the way you paint your name in the air with a sparkler and leave traces of light in the air, no sparkles of course. Then they began pulsing and moving in unison, creating symbols and perhaps shapes. It was so surreal, it was amazing. Both of us who watched it saw the exact same thing yet neither of us can explain it or remember exactly what the shapes/symbols were. In my mind’s eye I’m thinking the balls were actually white, with traces of red chasing them somehow perhaps. Like perhaps a red circle with white balls overlaying it then dancing in between. That is probably where he got the orange from.

They would pulse though, say to the speed of a heartbeat, in unison, and as they pulsed they would fluidly move into a new pattern or shape. The remembrance of the shapes or patterns still haunts me, I wish I could remember it but it was happening really fast and we were really excited. Then after slowly passing directly overhead it suddenly sped away and never passed over us again.

The only explanation I ever came too was that my real father had actually passed away that night, possibly around the same time we saw that. He left when I was young and so I never really knew him. I wondered if it wasn’t a last attempt at contact by him. That seems ludicrous, but at the same time, it’s really hard to explain seeing something like that.

All I know is reading Neil’s recollection was great, because it was so very similar.