Vancouver, British Columbia

February 11th 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia Light Moving At An Angle

Date: February 11, 2006
Time: 0623 (a.m.)

Hi Brian, At 0623 this am (Sat) I got up and went to look out the window to see what the frost had been like. I noticed an exceedingly bright light through the trees across the street looking southeast. The object was low, maybe the equivalent of about five degrees above horizon, so it was showing through the tree branches. I didn't have glasses on, so went to get them as it was very bright without them. I watched it for about 30 minutes total.

I thought it might have been a star, but it was moving at an angle through the tree branches and it was too bright. Also, this thing dimmed so you could only see a greyish form and then brightened again. It did this five times during the first ten minutes of viewing it. I put on my contact lenses after about ten minutes because I wanted to see really clearly. It was moving southward through the tree and by 0700 it was high in the sky and looked like a star.

I know this was not a star because they are fixed... Also the dimming was not like anything I have ever seen any star do before. The object was large while low and the further/higher it got, the smaller it became until it looked like a star in the sky. It was not moving very fast, but I would think given the brightness and size it appeared at first sighting and how small it had become at last sighting just as dawn was breaking, that it in fact was moving faster than appeared.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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