Quesnel, British Columbia

February 16th 2006

Quesnel, British Columbia Continuing UFO Sightings In Quesnel B.C.

Date: February 16, 2006
Time: Most of the night.

Number of witnesses: 2

Full Description of event/sighting: My little balls of light are still with me and I received another response last night after a few times of flashing and waving. This time it was in the form of someone flashing a spotlight, only once but that was enough. After that I would wave and the bright one would come really close then back away every time I moved. It came as close as just on the other side of the road approx: 20 yards or so away from my house and was suspended in mid air. It's so weird. I'm still pretty scared and not sure if I should stay in place when they come close. I'm not sure what they'd do and all I can say is that now that they've been with me for a full week. "I" am now absolutely, totally, no doubt at all whatsoever 100% convinced that there "is" other intelligent life out there. Something that we do not understand in any way shape or form.

I face Milburn Mountain, and they spend a lot of time in there. There's so many of them and some are different colors. Some are glowing blue round balls, some are glowing red round balls. Also, one of my customers where I work lives just up the road from me and has also seen them. He was in again last night and we had another good chat about them. He would not talk to anyone about this ever, only because I've also seen them does he speak about it with me. I told him we should go outside the store and take a look around to see if we could spot any, and yes!! There they were (there were only 3 that we could see, due to the position of the store as there is lots of tall trees all around). He was a little worried of having to drive back home after that, now that he knew they were there, and believe me, "it is scary driving home on that dark country road by yourself", ask me about it. We also got to talking about the rancher across the street.

We've both seen them hanging around where the guy has his cows that are ready to calf. They're in a pen right behind the mail boxes and not even a quarter mile up from here. He wanted me to call them and see if anything has happened to any of his cows or if he's noticed these lights since they're outside at all hours of the night with the cows. But I haven't met them so I told him to check it out since he knows them. He said he'd do that today sometime. I've been trying to send them a telepathic message also, but not sure if anything will come out of that but, we'll see. I'm scared and I am nervous, but also don't want to miss my chance at this proof that I'm getting. Anyway, this is "really and truly" happening. Some of you may not believe this, but "I know what I'm seeing" and there's no way I could deny it even if I wanted to. I wonder if this is their way of mildly, slowly letting us know of their existence, instead of an invasion of crafts. I'm sure they're observing, for what?? One can only guess at this point! These little balls of light have been with me nightly since February 10, 2006. I've seen them as early at 7:00pm and for very long periods of time. "The bright one" seems to disappear around 1:00am but others stay for much longer. I wonder if they're what they call "Orbs", that's what comes to mind when I see them. It brought back to mind that quite a while back I saw a documentary on Crop Circles. People had video taped these little bright balls dancing around, but these don't dance around. They hover and they can move erratically back and forth. They can respond so there's intelligence there. They don't seem to mean us any harm, but of course we don't know that for sure (I haven't felt threatened in any way) just a bit scared and very nervous. This is something that none of us can even think of understanding at this time. I wonder how much longer they'll be with us. "Keep your eyes in the skies" Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for this report. Also I will be calling the witness this weekend for sure to get a better feel as to what is happening.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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