Vancouver, British Columbia

March 26th 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia Hovering Object

Date: March 26, 2006 (?)
Time: 9:30 - 10:30 p.m.

Message: My 11 year old son , noticed an object hovering over our apartment and took a closer look with his telescope. Myself and two children observed the hovering object for more than an hour and one half. It had flashing red lights like strobe lights. There were also blue lights that flashed only about every minuet. Other lights that flashed were green and orange.

There were four other objects like this in the sky , but further away. The one that was closer to us finally began to move away at a very gradual speed and then it suddenly disappeared. One of the objects that was further away disappeared for a moment and then popped back again.

We had no video camera to take photo's and the camera wouldn't have captured it. However, we did call this event to the attention of a neighbor.

Additional Information:

Hello, thank you for your interest. I can't remember the exact date, but my son thinks it was March 26, 2006. It was definitely 9:30 and disappeared around 10:30 pm. I'd posted an email the next morning on the National UFO website. I gave them the exact date and time , but I can't find the post anywhere there.

The sighting could be seen from 6th avenue and St Catherine's Street in Vancouver , BC.

The weather conditions were that it was a clear night. Usually you can't see much up in the sky because it is too cloudy. But this night there was a good view of the stars and the crafts or whatever the objects were.

I asked my neighbor if he would like to comment and he said he only saw flashing lights. He was waiting for a friend to come to his place and he didn't come up to look through the telescope. But he said he would Do you have an 800 number because he doesn't have a phone and he doesn't have email.

The main craft we were observing was situated to the south west of the location from which we observed. The other 4 craft were hovering to the west. One airplane came through but did not come near the craft. It was probably on it's way to the airport which is out toward Richmond I think. But the fact that the objects in the sky hovered and for such a long time would say that they weren't your ordinary airplanes, right ?

My 11 year old and 7 year old were also witnesses and they did see the objects through the telescope. So what do you think they were ?

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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