Whitby, Ontario

March 27th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Date: 03/27/06 12:36 am Eastern Time

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: North

Description: My uncle called me at about 12:25 and told me that he had seen 2 bright red lights move rapidly across the sky without a noise or a blinking light. He lives in Burlington and I in Whitby; whitby is about an hour and half east of Burlington and he told me the object was headed my direction. I raced downstairs and waited out in the back for several minutes. Suddenly the solid red lights sped across the sky at an alarming speed. There was no sound and a compared to a plane several minutes later, there were no blinking lights. I instantly got chills and i felt very calm. An erie calm that kept me standing out there for another 20 min, just staring up into the dark night sky, waiting for another sighting but there was nothing.

Color/Shape: Two solid red lights, no blinking, no sound.

Height & Speed: About 20-30 000 feet above the ground. Moving very quickly (faster than any plane in the sky that night).


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