East Vancouver, British Columbia

April 2006

East Vancouver, British Columbia A Triangular Shaped Object

Date: End of April 2006
Time: Evening

Message: I was reading the June 18, 2006 description of a UFO over Downtown Vancouver. My children and I also saw UFO's the end of April that at first looked like a star, but on closer observation with a telescope, we saw that the mother ship was triangular shape and had red blue and orange that flashed with alternate intensities. It hovered for about an hour and then gradually moved to the west then disappeared in a flash at warp speed. There were two other crafts like this that looked smaller higher up in the sky. We lived in East Vancouver at the time. Just before we moved out, a few days before 24 June, 2006, we saw these UFO again in the night sky.

Thank you for your time. I'd love to see any photo's that may have been taken. We did not take photo's because with the naked eye, it looked like a star. Somehow my 11 year old son knew it wasn't a star and encouraged my 7 year old and I too view them with a telescope.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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