Sharbot Lake, Central Frontenac, Ontario

April 22nd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: At our cottage on Sharbot Lake in Central Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.

Date: 04/22/06 at about 1:00 am local time.

Approach Direction: we did not see it approach, we just looked of and saw it hovering in the sky, looked as if it may have approached from the east.

Departure Direction: we did not see it depart.

Witness Direction: east

Description: My husband and I decided to walk down to the deck we have, down by the water, at our cottage on Sharbot Lake at about 1:00am on Saturday, April 22nd.

As we were standing there just enjoying the breeze and the sound of the loons I looked up into the sky which seemed as if it were cloud covered. I saw a round light, about the size of a small full moon from the ground like a plate in the sky. As there seemed to be some clouds in the sky the lights was dimmed and the edges of the "plate" were misty. I asked my husband what it was and he began to get interested as the light was large and round, not a point of light like a star. It was much, much bigger than any star I have ever seen. The light would go off or dissapear behind clouds and was moving in a strange way, sometimes a little to the right, then down a bit, then up to the left, it gave me the impression that whatever it was was hovering over the lake, it did not zoom across the sky and was NOT travelling in a straight line. As well as this somewhat of a diamond shape movement pattern it was travelling forward as my neck was craining back to view it. My husband had a flashlight in his hands and we at first thought it was funny so we were kidding that we should signal whatever it was and my husband started to swing the flashlight through the sky, that is when we noticed the light definitely moving behind us towards the cottage, it seemed. I am not one to believe in seeing UFO's and neither one of us certainly ever look in the sky with the hopes of seeing one, so this sighting gave us quite a scare, my husband kept saying that this was like nothing he had ever seen in his life, we became so uncomfortable with the overhead hovering that we retreated into the cottage and shut all the lights off, we kept looking out for a period of about 20 minutes and the light was still hovering overhead. I don't think the light we saw was hovering over our cottage per se, but definitely above the East Basin of Sharbot Lake. My husband did comment that whatever it was extremely high up in the sky, in the heavens.

Color/Shape: White light, round, large, like a plate in the sky.

Height & Speed: My husband commented that it was in the heavens, way too high in his estimation to be a plane, helicopter.


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