Brandon, Manitoba

May 4th/5th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Brandon/Manitoba/Canada

Date: 05/04/06 or 05/05/06 it was one of those days last week...at around 11:45 Central local time

Approach Direction: south east

Departure Direction: south east

Witness Direction: south east

Description: I am a mobile officer who drives a patrol car for a living and have the same routine every night...as I was on one of my patrols on this night i noticed 3 very bright orange circular lights in the sky very slowly falling down towards the earth...at first i thought maybe something had blew up in the sky like a plane or something and it was burning debris falling...as the 3 orange lights had something like smoke or else a jet stream behind them..so i parked my car and focused more on the objects...as i did that they all of a sudden stopped falling and were sitting in the sky..they were not hovering or anyhing, they just sit there for about 10 minutes...i watched and wondered what was going on...then one of the orange lights disappered...then about 5 minutes later another one disapeered then finally after about 10 more minutes the third one disapeered...the only other thing i noticed while all this was going on was something like a satelite or else a plane light or some blue and red light circling it in the sky...but this light was very tiny compared to these orange lights that were there...i read the papers the next few days and there were no reports of either a plane crash or a ufo but there should have been a few witnesses from the hog plant since the day shift was just getting off and they were all driving right by it...but i do not feel comfortable going and asking people about it

Color/Shape: 3 bright orange circular lights

Height & Speed: fairly low....about 2 km high?

TV/Radio/Press: not that i am aware of

Update from witness:

I just wanted to update my sighting i left a few minutes ago...after reading about the sightings that happened in Terrance BC in April on your sight...they sound very similar to my sighting...the one with the bright welding spark looking things in the sky to the blue balls on the other reports but mine were orange balls....i looked at the drawing the one person drew up and those are exactly what i seen but they were falling downwards not sideways like the diagram then they stopped and just stayed in one spot....but like i said mine also had smoke or a jetstream or something trailing behind each ball...but if you would like to add this to my report please do...thanks


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