Warden/Denison Intersection, Markham, Ontario

May 13th 2006

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Date: May 13, 2006
Time: Approx: 2:20 am

Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: Did not see object but a very bright blue/white light
Shape of objects: n/a

Full Description of event/sighting:

Please refer to the linked map for reference to the street names provided.

Markham, Ontario - Warden/Denison Intersection (http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=warden,+toronto,+ontario&ll=43.827778,-79.326568&spn=0.024211,0.039911&om=1)

It was around 2:20am while my friend was driving us home going south on Warden. As we pass McPherson and McNabb road a bright light envelopes the car about the height of a lamp post. The source looked like it was eminating from the intersection at Warden and Denison. The light was only focused on our car because I glanced out to my window for a second and it was dark. The light covered us between 5-10 seconds(unclear because it was very bright and burned my eyes for 10 minutes after).

If you click on the google map link you will see where exactly this occurred and the distance of the light. From the beginning of the Mcpherson/McNabb intersection to Denison. Which is a rather long distance.

After the bright light disappeared I noticed it moved west but then it was gone. Could not see an object or anything however. By the time we arrived at the Warden/Denision intersection we did not see any vehicles and it was a very long stretch that we should have seen something even if it was going 150km/h.


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