Winnipeg, Manitoba

June 2nd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date: 06/02/06 1130 pm

Approach Direction: northbound

Departure Direction: northbound

Witness Direction: eastbound

Description: My friends were all getting into the car to head out to a party and my father was standing at the front door of our house. He called out to look at the sky and we all saw what looked like a blue-green oval shape travelling along what looked like the approach path to runway 36 at Winnipeg INTL airport. I know this because I work as a pilot. It was travelling northbound at a high rate of speed and disappeared behind some trees. We all saw the same thing.

Color/Shape: oval blueish green

Height & Speed: 500 to 1000 ft travelling in excess of 200 kts.


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