Between Erickson & Kitchener, British Columbia

June 14th 2006

Between Erickson & Kitchener, British Columbia Two Triangular Craft In Lightning Storm

Date: June 14, 2006 (?)
Time: Approx: 1:10 a.m.

HBCC UFO Research to a telephone call on this report.

Witnesses report that while driving along highway 3, heading east between Erickson and Kitchener, British Columbia they were able to observe two triangular shaped craft side by side. Or one of the objects slightly higher that the other. The objects looked as if they were stationary, but some movement was noticed in-between the flashes of lightning as a nasty thunder storm was passing through the area. The witnesses told me they would have never saw the object if it wasn't for the lighting which lit up the sky and revealing the two strange objects. The one gentleman said each of the objects were triangular in shape, and the three corners were more rounded and not pointed that he could see. They were not able to hear any sound at all, but no one rolled down there window to check. The people were able to see the objects three different times when the sky lit up from the lightning, the fourth time the sky lit up the objects were gone.

HBCC UFO in also looking into the sighting due to other unusual objects being reported in this area recently. I would like to also ask anyone who is residing in the Kootenay's here in British Columbia if they have seen anything out of the norm in the day and night skies, would they please be kind enough to contact me with their details of the sighting.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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