North Vancouver, British Columbia

June 18th 2006

North Vancouver, British Columbia Bizarre UFO Sighting

Date: June 18, 2006
Time: Evening

HBCC UFO Research Note: I have replied to the witness and requested the photos which would help in trying to identify what they saw.

Message: I am contacting you in regards to what I think was a UFO sighting over Vancouver, British Columbia on June 18th, 2006. We were standing on my friends fifth floor balcony in North Vancouver. His balcony overlooks the downtown core of Vancouver and provides a panoramic view. Suddenly one of my friends pointed out what appeared to be a very bright star, completely motionless. This "star" began to get brighter and brighter and then to our shock it began to move. As it suddenly started moving , two more objects appeared behind it. These two objects appeared to be smaller in size. They stayed there motionless as the larger one began to move in towards the harbour.

As it got closer the other two began to move around in circles and huddled together, moving in the exact same pattern as though they were some how telepathically linked. It appeared as though they had a consciousness. In my opinion, there is no helicopter that can stay absolutely motionless or move in this manner. They seemed to watch like little children as the larger "mothership" took a pass over the city, as if collecting data. Periodically the lights on these craft would fluctuate and change colours and intensity. We actually got a few photos of this phenomenon, some of which were taken three days earlier by one of the roommates. He came home and we explained what happened and he showed us these pictures that were clearly the same thing. Anyways, these craft grouped back together and took off at a great speed, only to return half an hour later. Until now I was Skeptical about UFOs, but now I believe. If this story sounds interesting, and I get some feedback from you guys, I will gladly send you these photos.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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