Old Montreal, Quebec

June 24th 2006

Old Montreal, Quebec Shiny Spheres Were Crossing The Sky

Date: June 24, 2006
Time: 3:55 p.m.

Hi Brian, What I’ve seen today was quite amazing and I’m sure, I wasn’t the only one to observe it. So, I’m reporting it to you in the hope that some other observers will come out who have seen the same thing and maybe something even before or after my sighting.

This afternoon (June 24. 2006) I was at the Old Montreal waterfront area. Sitting on a bench and looking towards the river, quite far away, above the South Shore I noticed a small, bright, reflector like dot in the blue sky. Sometimes descending airplanes make a similar effect. I looked at my watch, it was 3:55 p.m. I didn’t really bother but it drew my attention again because for minutes it became stationary.

The sky was blue with just few small clouds here and there. As I was looking at the light, slowly it started to ascend. It was moving almost straight up at the same time slightly towards the south. Bit after 4 p.m. a big passenger jet came from the south crossing the east side of Montreal. The airplane flew at regular high fight altitude and the object seemed to be above it. Of course there is no sure way to tell this but it seemed to me being at a higher altitude.

Around 4:10 p.m. it became so small (still ascending) that I lost sight of it. It's ascending movement was quite even with little jerking, wobbling interruptions. I was thinking, “it’s maybe a meteorological balloon” however the strong light didn’t make sense. Not one minute gone by, I was looking up towards the same direction and two, the exact same looking shiny spheres were crossing the sky at an extreme rate of speed (at least three times faster than a regular jet). I’m saying spheres, because they were closer now and they seemed sphere or oval like.

This time I left my bench and moved to the river where I could see the sky without obstruction. Nothing happened for a while. By the way there was all kind of regular air traffic. Advertising small planes over the islands and the South Shore, jets taking off from Dorval (now Trudeau) International Airport, high flying birds and few choppers.

I was just following with my eye some flying birds when out of nowhere two very shiny, in tandem flying spheres appeared. They were flying fast south towards the US and within one minute I lost sight of them. This was at about 4:40 p.m.. Five minutes later the same(?) two appeared coming from the north-west but flying much higher than the previous duo. They were flying in a playful way doing turns and not purposefully flying in one direction. There was a slight blue halo around and between them. After about one minute circling (both still very close to each other), they started to ascend until they seemed like one object and disappeared. (They didn’t merge though.) I spent the rest of the time on a bench just trying to digest what I’ve seen and jot down the time frame and some other notes.

It was 5:50 p.m. and I just decided to go home when two other bright objects appeared. One had an elongated somewhat irregular shape, the other one was just a small dot and disappeared within seconds leaving only the bigger one visible. It’s difficult to describe but it moved bit erratically, maybe spinning but not in a regular fashion. Seemed like it has a constantly moving irregular shape. Very bizarre. After not longer than a half minute it became smaller and smaller until it disappeared moving fast upwards.

I was out till 6:30 p.m. but non of the objects came back any more, so I decided to go home.

Some other observations. There were extremely high flying birds above the river but they have a recognizable way as they fly. Besides one can see the sun’s reflection on them, sometimes stronger, other times they disappear due to no reflection. And when they come down flying lower they’re obviously birds. The objects I’ve seen might have reflected the sun but they seemed to have their own glow too. The first object could have been a balloon but all the others had some characteristics which I’m not able to identify. The fast spinning, last one was very weird even scary.

There were quite a few people around (it was a nice Quebec holiday), however it was not the crowded part of the waterfront. I was alone but when I pointed out someone one of the objects, he just shrugged his shoulder and walked by. I’ve seen one cyclist in the distance to stop and obviously looking at what I was looking at. He was too far from me to contact him besides I didn’t want loose sight of the objects. However these events must have been visible basically form everywhere around the harbor, the islands and from the South Shore. Not to mention their flight path for example all the way down to south, maybe into the US. The waterfront was noisy, motorboats, airplanes, etc., so I can’t be sure about sound but I couldn’t tie any special sound to what I’ve seen. Brian, if you need, I can send you a map showing my location and the surrounding area.

Two years ago I had a somewhat similar but shorter sighting. It was north of Montreal, in the city of Laval.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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