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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 6th 2006 : Kawartha Golf and Country Club, Peterborough, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Peterborough Ontario Canada, Kawartha Golf and Country Club

Date: July 6 2006 around 10:15 p.m.

Approach Direction: Came in from the north over the trees

Departure Direction: i don't know how to answer my story

Witness Direction: Sitting on a bench at the tee off, we were facing the west (Alex, Eric, Brian)

Description: READ THIS==Well to start off the night before our friend phil had come up to us in a panic telling us he was chased through the golf course by a perfectly circular beam of light which he thought was the police. but he said it made no sound and followed him until he managed to get out of the course through some trees. Of course what was our reaction to this?- we laughed and said he was apsolutely insane or high on something. the next night we went out to sit on a bench on one of the hole's tee off was a perfectly clear night. Brian began lighting a smoke when in the corner of my right eye i saw some type of object fly over the trees. it was a flashing white light but it was moving smoothly and too quietly to seem like a plane. To describe what its flight looked like if any of you have seen a jet land on an aircraft carrier it was almost like that. It moved fast and slowed right down to a stop in the middle of the sky. the light stopped flashing and was a constant white light it sat in the air changed to a blue-ish green-ish colour and hovered for about 15 seconds. Suddenly out of no where it just flashed a huge light around it and it was gone. we couldnt tell where it went it just looked like it went into warp speed and left nothing behind. no direction of departure. it was just like a blink and that was it. Gone. looked like something you see in the movies.Not even a sound. i didn;t take my eyes off it i couldn't my mind went blank. Alex was watching with me not saying a all happend fast. i asked alex if he saw what i just saw. he just said yes i want to leave now. brian saw only the flash in the corner of his eye. i know all about gases in the universe and flares and things people mistake for unexplainable objects. i even didn't believe in UFO's i told myself if i dont see it it's not real. I didn't believe phil until that night and im lucky i had wittneses with me because my own family doesn't believe me. i know what i saw, so does alex and brian. no man made object has the technology to do what we saw this thing do. so there. i spoke my peace. i hope that it helps people who read this that have had similar events.

Color/Shape: White flashes just like a plane as it flew in , then as it slowed right down to a stop and hovered it stoped flashing and just stayed white until it turned slightly blue and slightly green. for the shape i'm not sure the only distinct figure was the lights on it. it was really dark out. but the night was clear. after it hovered for about 10 seconds or so it burst into light and looked like it went into warp speed back into space within a blink.

Height & Speed: i'm not sure how high it was but it was too low for a plane to be flying especially the way it flew. it came in very fast and just smoothly slowed right to a stop. dead stop. it had to have gone the speed of sound when it left.

TV/Radio/Press: It wasn't ever reported to T.v. or radio. are you kidding me? No one would believe a bunch of 18 yr olds a story like this unless it happend to them.