Westboro, Ottawa, Ontario

July 8th 2006

Westboro, Ottawa Ontario Flying Object Disregards Aviation Standards

Date: July 8, 2006
Time: 9:53 p.m.

Flying object disregards aviation standards (lights) while flying over Westboro neighborhood in Ottawa. Also doesn't conform with aircraft norms.

5 minute Video record.

Additional Information:

Recap: Westboro neighborhood, Ottawa Ontario. July 8, 2006 21:53 EDT.

BTW: Aylmer is just across and up river a kilometer or so from me; tie in with another recent sighting posted on your site.

Sighting lasted about 5 minutes, mostly from a distance of a kilometer or so.

Event: Just stepped out onto my balcony when I spotted a set of lights to my left about 45-60 degrees above horizon just coming into view above roof top of the 9 story apartment building I live in. Wanted to identify what type of "plane" it was and thought of getting my binoculars but decided to use my video recorder. Went inside and grabbed my camcorder. Went back onto balcony within 30 seconds. Object was now further away and still heading westward towards a tall apartment building about a kilometer away. Started recording while holding camcorder. Tried to keep object and tree-line in frame as it headed northward. Used night shot mode when it was hard to make out as it seemed to be getting further away.

Seemed to have only three lights on it with one that pulsated slowly on and off. The object then started heading eastward in my direction. I kept zooming in and out while trying to get a clear and steady picture. It seemed to be moving along the shoreline and when it got abreast of me, was no more that 15 degrees elevation from my 4th floor balcony position and a couple of hundred meters off. The while time I saw it only through the viewfinder. As it was passing out of sight by the side of my building is when I thought the light formation strange. They represented a triangle formation however, upon viewing the video, an unexpected shape is what is presented.

I'm sure I could add more but that should suffice for now. Have a good one, Brian.

Video Footage - Video clip Westboro, Ottawa Ontario Flying Object Disregards Aviation Standards

Video footage and photos are © 2006 John Cope

Thank you to the witness for the report, footage and photo.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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