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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 11th 2006 : Manitoulin, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Manitoulin/ontario/canada

Date: 07/11/2006

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: exactly perpendicular/south

Description: this event occurred when i went on an outtrip for camp. it was a canoe trip, only one night spent away from camp. it was 12km away from our mainland camp along the shoreline across from manitoulin island. the camp is called camp manitou and i was there for 2 weeks. my name is an alias, i'd rather not let people know my real name, but i will let u know i live in sudbury ontario. we had just arrived at our beech destination roughly 4 hours before i saw it. the site is located on the mainland, but its soo far from society it takes a boat ride even to get to the main camp site where we need to travel even further down the shoreline to reach the destination of where we were spending the night.

we had all finished dinner and it was our grace period, there was a nerf football found on the beech and we were playing pass with it. all of the sudden straight in front of me this green orb flows from the trees. the section of beech was located beside a bay area. i was facing the bay section. but a small peninsula and large grouping of trees prevented me from seeing into that section. furthermore. the lake was to my right, and a steep incline to my left, where the height of the trees made it impossible to see the orb until now at the height it was. at first i was really nervous. we were 20km away from the nearest town, and there we were about 12 of us on a beech. i watched it as it went by. it was soo close, only about 300 feet away that it was nerve racking. it lowered very minimally, maybe 4 feet over an 80foot total distance traveled. it was very bright, and although it didn't make a noise, the most suspicious thing about it was that it disappeared in a flash. all the time i was watching it, the light was constant, never changing intensity or colour or brightness. yet at the end of its flight, it just simply vanished, it didn't even dampen when it disappeared.

the worst part about the event was although i stood their motionless, speechless and trying to get my words out when everyone was asking when what. i was the only person who had seen it! no one was around me or facing that direction. there were people further up the camp in the bush, people facing my and a person walking towards me, none facing the same direction. and when it left, there was nothing i could show them, to explain my sighting. no trail of smoke or anything left behind. i felt so peutile. this was my second ufo sighting, and most frightening.

ideas, i think it was some sort of reconnaissance orb or something of that nature. too small to hold people in it, and it didn't seem to have any other purpose besides coming from the mountains, opening up a view for itself of our camp.

Color/Shape: green and perfectly rounded orb. extremely small. perhaps the size of a medicine ball itself. but eminating light made it seem larger

Height & Speed: approximately 80-120 feet off the great lake water level and 250-300 feet away.

TV/Radio/Press: none.